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Imagina EU is Mediapro’s front-office in Brussels.

Based in the capital of Europe, Imagina EU is a production company like no other. Whether you're a news and sports broadcasting company, an events agency or a corporate client, we offer you the benefits of our audiovisual and production experience, and of course our global presence.


Not just another production company

Imagina EU provides general AV services and creative content. We offer the broadcast industry the best technical solutions, with a focus on new forms of media. We are committed to walking the extra mile to meet your needs for communication campaigns and events.

Whatever AV content you might need, you can trust Imagina EU to provide you with it.


  • chevron_rightAudiovisual project management

    Your AV project is in expert hands. We take care of your project from A to Z. We advise you from your idea to the best possible way to spread your message.

  • chevron_rightCross platform media production

    Get VIP access to what’s best in digital media technologies. We make sure your message gets across.

  • chevron_rightSocial Media management

    Get more traffic and generate new leads with viral content. We build, maintain and engage your community on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • chevron_rightDissemination

    From the heart of Europe to wherever your audience is. We walk the extra mile and use all the media assets we have to make sure your words reach your audience.

  • chevron_rightTV formats, thematic channels, new media and more…

    Imagina EU helps you build loyalty among your audience with additional TV formats for a richer TV experience: new specialty channels, TV shows, web TV, news broadcasts, rich media, etc.

  • chevron_rightEU-related video material

    Rely on Imagina EU’s experience in institutional communications to get your message across to the right audience.
    We produce and disseminate all formats in institutional communication. From campaign videos and VNR to live streaming of events and news reports.   

  • chevron_rightNews stories and documentaries

    Have you got a news item or a news story to tell the world? We have the team, the tools and the experience to make it happen.

  • chevron_right2D/3D animation

    We create 2D and 3D animation that resonates with your audience. Our talented graphic designers continue to amaze. They will bring you and your audience to a brand-new world of communications.

  • chevron_rightLive transmissions 24/7

    Access a pool of professionals available 24/7 to cover your live sessions in Brussels. We have all the solutions for live broadcast, streaming, OTT and satellite transmissions.

  • chevron_rightStand-up positions in Brussels

    Interior and exterior stand-up positions with a clear view of the EU institutions. All fully equipped for your live feeds from Brussels.

  • chevron_rightENG crews

    Specialized ENG crews at your service for all news-gathering missions in Brussels, Europe or anywhere else.

  • chevron_right4G backpacks

    Take 4G technology with you and go live, whenever and wherever you want.

  • chevron_rightEditing solutions

    Two editing suites in Brussels with Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Cloud and Final Cut Pro 7, ready for news cutting or long-term editing. With storage and FTP solutions as a plus.

  • chevron_rightDSNG trucks

    Rely on Imagina EU’s flexibility and Mediapro’s network to get access to DSNG trucks wherever and whenever you want. Two trucks are ready waiting for you in Brussels, with the best equipment and the best technicians.

  • chevron_rightEvent organization and AV coverage

    We bring you our expertise with press, keynotes and AV crews. Imagina EU makes sure your event gets the visibility you deserve.

  • chevron_rightMulti-camera production

    With our extensive experience in major sporting events, multi-camera production has no secrets for us. Whether for a press conference or a large-scale event, our team can handle the job.

  • chevron_rightOB vans

    48 OB vans available for 3D or 4K productions and ready for coverage of major sporting, music or political events.

  • chevron_rightSports

    Transmitting the excitement of the field to your living room. This has been our core business for years. We are also technology experts. Imagina EU takes the best of both worlds and provides you with a unique visual experience.

  • chevron_rightAuditing technical video facilities

    Unitecnic is the AV engineering branch of Imagina. It is the one-stop-specialist for auditing your technical systems and ensuring your AV installation is up to date.

  • chevron_rightInstalling AV studios

    Our team of specialists will build the studio you want at your premises or in another location for talk shows, entertainment or news. You design. We build. We test. You broadcast.

  • chevron_rightPost-production workflow design

    Need to set up a work process for the post-production of your content? Our engineering team will design a custom workflow based on your shooting format, your broadcast media and your budget.

  • chevron_rightImplementation of TV channels

    Our capacity for innovation and our leadership has allowed us to design an advanced set of tools to make us your best partner for your TV channel concept.


Imagina EU thinks outside the box to produce and broadcast what your company needs. We create great content and produce beyond your expectations. Broadcasting to captivate your audience is what we do best.

Reasons to work with us

  • We provide all-round broadcast services and a range of new communication formats
  • We bring innovative and creative ideas to life and suggest new possible business lines
  • We ensure your content is visible to your target audience
  • We put our extensive project management experience in AV at your service



IPC Building, 1st floor
Boulevard Charlemagne, 1
1041 Brussels, Belgium


0032 (0) 2 280 03 54


BE 0543516437


Audiovisual Centre
Diagonal Avenue, 177
08018 Barcelona, Spain


0034 93 476 15 51



Joan Andreu

General Manager

Alejandra Panighi

Strategic Manager

Bea Thoelen

Head of Executive Production

Christopher Morcillo

Technical Manager